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President's Letter

Mike Lescure's Vision for the Company
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Company History

The Lescure Company opened it’s doors in 1947. Learn how it grew to become the Bay Area’s leading provider of plumbing and heating services.
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About Lescure

Lescure Company possesses the knowledge to design and build high-quality mechanical systems for all types of projects. Our 60 years of experience spans a wide variety of jobs, ranging from office buildings to colleges, hospitals and industrial buildings. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of Technology, and this includes staying on top of the latest CAD and BIM developments. Lescure Company is one of the few companies capable of completing a full OSHPD 3D Design/Build Project. Our goal with Design/Build Projects is to offer a Change Order free environment. We have a Professional Engineer on staff, who is also familiar with LEED building requirements and is a Green Building Council member.  We also provide full Design/Build Fuel Oil Systems as a complete turnkey product.

Experience has taught us a greater appreciation for bringing projects in on budget, but also keeping them on a fast track so owners can realize cash flow early.

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3-D Animation by Lescure's In-House CAD Team


A Full Service Company

  • Our technical expertise for commercial work includes:
  • Design / Build
  • Plumbing
  • Wet-side Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Special Piping requirements
  • Medical Gas Certified
  • Underground Utilities
  • Full CAD capable, 2D, 3D and BIM
  • Fuel Oil Systems and Piping

Our financial resources are among the industry's strongest. This allows us always to obtain supplier discounts, which lowers your costs, and to pre-purchase materials without waiting for the client's payment, which keeps the project on schedule. Another time-saver is that we operate our own fleet of trucks and warehouse so we can quickly deliver materials to the job site, an important advantage in a trade with such a wide variety of products.

Part of the Winning Team

Every project is a team effort, and Lescure Company is a team player in every sense. As a subcontractor, we coordinate closely with the professionals specifically assembled for the client's job. We enjoy long working relationships with many leading architects, engineers and general contractors.


Lescure has one of the industry’s highest safety records, with low EMR ratings year after year. Programs incorporated include the OSHA 30 Hour program, Fall Protection training, and Competent Person Training and certification. Lescure Company has consistently been awarded the MCAA Annual Award for Zero Lost Workday Cases Incident Rate, placing 3rd nationally in safety among 1500 MCA applicants, and First in Northern California for 2008.

Project Management, Engineering and Construction

Lescure Company's team of professionals is fully trained and experienced in all aspects of construction and project management, including planning, budgeting, designing and engineering, procurement, expediting, installation and maintenance. Each team is headed by a Project Manager thoroughly experienced in assisting with all phases of a project.

We also have a Professional Engineer who helps to oversee design and detailing on all our projects, ensuring code compliance and efficiencies. If the Project requires LEED certification, we can help with this as well.

These days, with so many jobs being fast tracked, piping installation must go smoothly and efficiently. With our team of experienced detailers, most of whom have extensive field training, Lescure Company can produce accurate and coordinated shop drawings and foresee problems before they get to the field.

We are equipped to man jobs quickly, whether they be large or small, and we can tailor the size of our crews to your exact needs, supplying all the necessary tradesman, whether they are plumbers, steam fitters, welders or others.

For you, the client, it all means reduced risk and peace of mind. Lescure Company. Remember, it isn't just your project on the line - it's our family reputation.